Let's Talk About Sex (Menus)

Let's Talk About Sex (Menus)

Okay, here’s the deal: We're all about getting intimate, but when it comes to talking about what really turns us on? Utter embarrassing silence. Whether you're still in the honeymoon phase trying to figure out what feels good, or you've been with your partner so long that you know their body better than your own, it’s surprisingly difficult to voice out loud what you want.


The Uncomfortable Truth

Interestingly, research from the relationship charity Relate shows that less than half of us are satisfied with our sex lives, and a significant 51% haven't had sex in the last month. It's clear we could all use a bit of help.

What is a Sex Menu?

Enter the brilliant idea of a sex menu. Imagine a personalized list detailing everything you're into, what you're definitely not into, and what you might like to try in the bedroom. This isn't just any list; it's your personal playbook for pleasure, designed to transform that awkward silence into open, honest dialogues about your desires.

Designing Your Menu: A Crash Course

Dr. Stephen de Wit, an experienced Sexologist, suggests taking just twenty minutes to be completely honest with yourself. With a pen and paper in hand, catalog everything from your vanilla interests to your more out-there curiosities. Feeling adventurous? Rate your eagerness on a scale from one to five and don’t hesitate to jot down any special requests or boundaries. This exercise isn't about judgment; it’s about understanding your own desires and learning how to communicate them effectively.

Why This Matters: Beyond the Bedroom

So, why bother with a sex menu? It's a powerful tool for opening up the often-avoided dialogue about sex. It offers a straightforward way to share your likes, dislikes, and curiosities without feeling like you're in a therapy session. But it's not just about improving sex (although it definitely helps with that). It’s about deepening trust and intimacy, getting comfortable with your sexuality, and ensuring you and your partner are truly in sync. It ensures that sex remains an enjoyable, connected, and satisfying aspect of your relationship.

Just do it!

Trying out the sex menu is like embarking on a little adventure with your partner or a journey of self-discovery. You might discover new delights that thrill you both. And if something doesn’t work out? No big deal—it’s all about communication, exploration, and having fun together. After all, great teamwork is the foundation of great sex.

So, why not dive in and see where it leads you?

Download the Sex Menu

Download the Sex Menu here.

Fill it out in your own pdf Reader or print it on paper.


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