Being a small start-up, we are deeply grateful to have many talented, amazing people dedicate their time to support our cause. We would like to express our immense gratitude to these helping hands.

Thanks so so much to all of you. Thanks for your time, energy and passion. All the best for your future endeavors.


Illustration & Animation

Alini – Illustrator & Animator

Her creativity knows no limits. She is an allrounder that not only creates unique illustrations but also brings them to life with magical animations. Thanks for your amazing design and animations that you create in lightening speed. Follow her work here.

Brian – Animator

Brian is our animation pro. With his deep understanding of 2D animation, he made sure each movement reflected the essence of our characters. Thanks for adding a little bit of magic to each of our illustrations. Follow his work here and check out his portfolio on behance or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Dounia – Character Artist

Dounia is a super creative mind and makes sure the essence of our characters shine through in all of our illustrations. With her talent in comic design, she drove the conceptual design of Soy & Mochi. Thanks for your creativity and your eye for details! Follow her work here.

Selene – Illustrator & Storyboarder

Selene made our characters Soy & Mochi come to life. Her thoughtful and creative illustrations always spread so much emotions and love. Thanks for creating designs with total cuteness overload! Follow her potfolio here.

Tashy – Media Design

Tashy is our research wiz and multi-talent. She covered anything from strategic character design work to social media postings. Thanks for jumping in and digging your teeth into anything needed with laser sharp precision. Follow her work.