About us

We are LoveLane, a small start-up from Berlin.

From our own experience, we've noticed that we make time for 1.000 small and big things in everyday life - from important to-dos at work to taking out the trash. What's not on the list: our own relationship.

It's not about the relationship being a "To Do."

Our point is:

  • When do you consciously make time for the relationship? (Netflix doesn't count)
  • What are you really consciously doing for the relationship? (e.g. like a workshop for team building or communication - sounds weird right?!)
Sure, we're all busy, how are we supposed to do that too? This is what LoveLane is for! We want to help you and other couples have wonderful relationships with fun and ease.

Our motto: Play.Connect.Love.

We are excited to hear from you, get feedback or just a little "hello".

Feel free to use our contact form.

Fluffy greetings,

Your Team LoveLane