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This is how you recognize that your partner no longer loves you

May sound like a joke, but unfortunately it's quite common. If you're lucky and manage to find out how your partner feels about you in the relationship before things get too serious, a breakup can be a pretty easy process.

But what if there's no friction between the two of you? How do you recognize that someone no longer loves you when there's no real reason for them to end the relationship? You can only use some signals to recognize how your partner feels about you and how much they're willing to invest in your relationship.



Your partner is no longer interested in your day

Your partner no longer asks how your day was or how work went. He/she shows little interest in what you have to say. If something is bothering you, they don't ask about it - they just offer an empty "it's okay" and go back to watching TV. When you confront them about how much time has passed since you both did something together, they don't even bat an eye.

If your partner loves you, they will be interested in how you feel, how much stress you're under, and how they can help improve the situation. They will listen to what's bothering or bothering you without getting bored quickly.

Your partner avoids talking about the future of the relationship

You used to talk about how you wanted to spend your future together, how many children you wanted, where the house should be, and how much it would cost. Now he/she snores during these conversations about the future of the relationship and doesn't offer any new ideas. The only effort he/she shows is that he/she doesn't bring up marriage or children. He/she doesn't care how you feel.

Your partner no longer makes an effort for you

If he/she used to dress up when you suggested going somewhere nice, he/she no longer makes the effort. He/she no longer remembers what your favorite flower looks like or how much you love yogurt in the morning. The way he/she behaves is the way he/she would behave with any of his/her other friends.

Your partner is bothered by your personality traits

If he/she used to make fun of you for not being able to stand when people waste food and how much you love dogs, he/she now makes a big deal out of how "weird" it is that you don't eat meat. He/she suddenly hates how far away your family lives or how loud you are with your friends. If something about who you are has been bothering him/her for a long time, it's probably because he/she no longer sees you as the girl he/she fell in love with.

Your partner is rude to you and your friends

There was a time in the relationship when your partner would never even think of being rude to you or your family and friends, but now he/she has no problem with it. He/she starts fights with your friends, and although he/she backs off when told how rude he/she is, there are no signs of remorse.

Your partner is no longer affectionate

When you first met, you kissed and hugged a lot - it felt like you couldn't keep your hands off each other. Now that passion has disappeared from the relationship. He/she no longer compliments how you look or tries to touch you. He/she doesn't tell you how much he/she loves and appreciates you, how proud he/she is of you, or how special and important you are to him/her.

Another person gains a high level of importance to him/her

A cute friend, someone he/she hasn't seen in years, or a new fling becomes interesting, helpful, and supportive. Suddenly, your partner is interested in his/her life, how he/she does things so much better. He/she talks about him/her all the time and how wonderful it is to spend time with him/her.

Your partner doesn't listen to you

When you talk about how your day was or how work is, he/she doesn't listen. Even if you tell him/her how much something in the relationship bothers you, he/she doesn't try to offer a solution. If you complain about being tired or hungry, he/she doesn't care and continues with what was bothering him/her before.

Your partner often talks about breaking up

He/she tells you how much he/she loves being single and how free he/she feels when you mention how much happier you both could be if you had more space. He/she tells you how much he/she hates how small your apartment is, how cramped it gets when your friends come over, and how much he/she would love to have his/her own apartment that he/she doesn't share with anyone else.

Your partner no longer gets jealous

If your partner used to get jealous when you went to a party without them, now they don't seem to care. They don't call or text when you go out with your friends, nor do they insist on driving you home at night. If you stay out late, it doesn't seem to bother them.

Your partner no longer gives you gifts

When your partner loves you, they will make an effort to give you something for your birthday or another special occasion - even if it's not your anniversary. They will find the best gift they can to show how much they care about you and how special you are to them.

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