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Small love messages for your partner - Show your love daily

Small gifts keep friendships alive. It's no different in relationships with love messages. We'll show you how to reignite love every day with sweet love quotes for him/her. In this article, you'll learn what really makes good love messages for every day and what brings the romance between you back to life best!

There's no special occasion, but you want to make your partner happy. And how? It doesn't always have to be gifts or grand declarations of love - sometimes smaller gestures are just as effective!

WhatsApp has become the perfect way to show your love in a casual and personal way. After all, it's these small digital proofs of affection that you can use in between to make sure your partner feels loved no matter where he/she is!


Small love messages: Why they are so important for your relationship

We've all experienced falling in love and then one day, when we can't text or call as often because everyday life has returned to normal, that "butterfly period" ends. Sweet texts with love quotes are important to show appreciation and recognition. They can have a big impact on your relationship. In difficult times, loving words bring a relationship closer together. You don't have to be a literary expert - what matters is that they come from the heart.

Small love messages: What matters!

Even if you feel emotionally inclined, sweet love quotes in the beginning or getting-to-know-you phase can quickly overwhelm the other person and have a discouraging effect. Don't describe in every WhatsApp message how much he/she means to you and how special you are together, as this could come across as too pandering for the other person's taste! Try to place these messages well-dosed so that their appeal doesn't wear off too quickly. When everyday life has long taken over a relationship, these love quotes become even more important. Here's an idea: Write to your partner via WhatsApp while he/she is at work or sitting in the office! This shows that you care about him/her and want to have him/her around for as long as possible - so don't wait for something official to happen before you send a love quote.

However, sending love declarations should not be a scheme with a conscious plan. The more sincere the sweet quotes are for your partner, the greater their effect! That's why it's also important that an individual touch shines through when writing love declarations; even the choice of words in the quotes is of great importance. Above all, pay attention to which words come from the heart best in this shared time: They could surprise both sides.

15 Examples of Love Messages

These example texts should inspire you to express your love in text messages that you send to each other! Over time, couples develop their own language to express their affection. These words are often more expressive than the ones used on the first date.

The sweet message should not sound too cheesy or weird. Also, when writing a love message to him/her, the content of your text should not be copied and pasted, but instead should be conveyed in your own words and appropriate emojis used.

  1. "Do you realize, honey, what your smile does to me?"
  2. "I'm sending you a kiss in between, simply because you deserve it."
  3. "Just the thought of you makes my heart beat faster."
  4. "How do you do it? Every day, I fall more and more in love with you."
  5. "I'm looking forward to seeing you again tonight, sweetheart."
  6. "By the way, I'm glad you're here."
  7. "Have a nice day, my love: I'm thinking of you!"
  8. "Good night, my love. Dream sweetly and don't forget how much I love you."
  9. "I forgot to tell you something really important: You are fantastic!"
  10. "I can't help it, I'm simply crazy about you. It just has to come out."
  11. "Every time we say goodbye, I think: Wow! How did I deserve this great man?"
  12. "Do you know how much I love you?"
  13. "Do you realize how beautiful life is when you're here? Thank you very much for that!"
  14. "Without you, the planet would be much less beautiful."
  15. "Remind me later today that I'll kiss you for a long time."

Sweet words are often followed by sweet actions

Whether in the morning, during work, or before going to bed - with sweet texts for him/her, you flatter his/her soul and ego. Especially for people who have to fight hard every day in their work and constantly struggle with the feeling that they don't get enough praise or recognition from others, a sweet text message can make up for what could otherwise feel like an eternity of neglect. Sweet texts are a way to not only show your partner every day how much he/she means to you, but also to do something good for yourself by reigniting the fire through text messages with beautiful words, followed by equally beautiful actions!

Use LoveNotes

By the way, with our LoveLane app, you can collect small love notes (LoveNotes). Your partner can then look forward to Sunday when he/she receives all your sweet messages as a little gift.

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