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How to solve your marriage problems!

Marriages are unique, just like the people involved in them. The causes of marital problems range from small irritations, like an open toothpaste tube, to infidelity. Therefore, it is impossible to find a solution for all relationship problems.

However, there are certain things that can help you lead a successful marriage and avoid marital problems. We will show you what the reasons for your marital problems may be and how you can solve them!



The Most Important Points at a Glance:

  • Those who approach life and their spouse with optimism have fewer marital problems.
  • For a respectful relationship to develop, both sides must adhere to it.
  • Those who divide household chores equally avoid unnecessary arguments and marital problems.
  • In reality, the perfect partner is just a figment of the imagination. The sooner you accept this fact, the happier you will be with your relationship as it is now.
  • It is important to stick together in difficult situations. This fosters loyalty.
  • The more one's own boundaries are recognized and communicated, the better a happy partnership and marriage can function.
  • Those who know how to communicate effectively live in a more peaceful world and avoid relationship problems in their partnership.

    The perfect blend of closeness and distance:

    When you look at happy married couples, you often notice that they engage in many shared activities and have their own interests in which their partner is not involved. The key is to find another form of personal development and enjoyment outside of the marriage because these couples are more balanced and satisfied in their marriage and have fewer marital problems.

    Through the various activities of the partners, there is also new topics to talk about within the relationship. It is also very beneficial if the lovers can miss each other from time to time. This rejuvenates any relationship, creates a healthy basic tension in the partnership and generally reduces the likelihood of marital crises.

    Positive thinking can help you solve marital problems:

    Mutual trust is a necessary component for a successful romantic relationship and reduces marital crises. Who can give their partner enough space to grow and relax in the marriage? Those who see their spouse in a good light are less suspicious, which results in fewer marital problems.

    A positive attitude towards life not only influences the entire personality, but also has an enormous influence on our motivation and ambition. We all prefer to be with people who make us feel good and with whom we can laugh happily. So if you focus on your own happiness and work on your relationship at the same time, you will have no problem solving your marital problems and avoiding conflicts.

    The key to marital problems: Respect

    Respect can be defined in many different ways. In general, it means recognizing the needs of others and adjusting one's actions accordingly.

    If punctuality is particularly important to one partner, it is a sign of respect to let the other know in advance if they will be late. In a marriage, you don't have to bend over backwards, but clear agreements can bring peace and quickly resolve marital problems and arguments.

    Seeking a symbiosis in the relationship

    It is inappropriate for one partner to take on a greater share of the work than the other. Today more than ever, it is important for both partners to contribute. What that contribution consists of is, of course, a matter of negotiation.

    Basically, a relationship is nothing more than a collection of tasks that people prefer to do together rather than alone. She loves to cook, he does the dishes. He enjoys vacuuming while she takes out the trash. Such divisions provide clarity and there are no marital disputes or debates about which partner is putting in too much or too little effort.

    There is no perfect partner

    Anyone who truly believes that there is a perfect partner out there will be greatly disappointed in life. In most cases, after the first phase of infatuation, it becomes clear that the other person is just a normal human being with strengths and, above all, weaknesses.

    Accepting our flaws and truly accepting that there is no ideal partner is the core of a happy relationship. Most marital problems are resolved by this understanding.

    Unity during crises

    Unity during crises is another way to maintain a successful relationship. It is especially important to stick together when illness, unemployment, or other external factors cause problems in the relationship. This includes being attentive to the other person, giving them attention, and avoiding blaming them.

    If marital conflicts have domestic causes, it is even more important for both people to work together to solve them. For example, it is the responsibility of one spouse to work on issues like jealousy and self-esteem if they are particularly jealous. Many difficulties in marriage can be resolved by sticking together and showing each other love.

    Discuss your expectations and needs

    Disagreements and most marriage problems start when people don't communicate honestly about what they want from each other. Those who are clear about their feelings and opinions avoid being unintentionally hurt by the other person and hurting themselves.

    Everyone has bad days. If you come home on such a day, a small remark from the other person can be enough to drive you crazy. You can regulate yourself by taking a moment for self-reflection. Perhaps you tell your spouse as soon as you come home that you want to be alone. This avoids a lot of pointless arguments. The more we talk about our own desires, the better our partner will understand us and the less trouble we will have in our marriage.

    Set rules for your communication

    You undoubtedly know them: the famous "I-messages." They have become so well-known because they contribute to nonviolent, successful communication. You don't put the other person under pressure when you stay within yourself and talk about your feelings instead of blaming your partner.

    It's also important to listen attentively when someone else is speaking. It can be beneficial to summarize what the other person said in your own words when discussing sensitive topics. Good communication is one of the foundations of any relationship so that disputes do not lead to an emotional war or significant marriage problems.

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