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Spicing up your sex life – Here's how!

At the beginning of a relationship, everything for couples revolves around sex. When you're in love, you can't keep your hands off each other. Passionate kisses at the front door, secret groping under the table, and entire days spent in bed.

After a while, stress and everyday life often turn a fulfilling sex life into a kind of obligation. Therefore, don't wait too long, but do something about it! With simple tips, you can make your love life more exciting and bring back the thrill and desire that your relationship began with.


Feel beautiful!

Remember that you are always as attractive as you feel. Therefore, you should first ensure that you feel comfortable in your body. You won't be able to switch on the attraction if you don't feel attractive. So boost your self-esteem:

How about new lingerie? It's only natural that you want something for yourself! Or maybe the new bedside lamp that makes you look so elegant? Whatever you have in mind, you will soon feel more sensual. Not to mention the delighted looks from your partner when he or she notices how comfortable you feel in your skin.

Tip: Less is often more. In other words, there are many beautiful lingerie options that make the body look beautiful without revealing too much and making you want more. Direct your partner's attention to where you want it to be.

Meet up for a hot date

The most common problem in long-term relationships: everything that was fascinating before slowly becomes routine when everyday life comes into play. And if you add a bit of stress and long to-do lists, you might think, "Oh no! I'm not in the mood for sex today." Because a relationship can quickly deteriorate due to lack of desire.

A sex life that has become dormant is difficult to revive. Therefore, don't let it get that far. Arrange a hot date with your partner with a clear intention.

Use sex toys

Why not try new things in your sex life? Why not feathers, scarves or handcuffs? Let your loved one blindfold you. Because you can't see anything, you'll feel everything even more intensely. You can also use a few sex toys to improve your love life. Just shop for a few new sex toys together to get started.

It doesn't always have to be the bed

Spice up your love life and change locations more often. When it comes to hot moments for two, sofas, carpets, desks, and showers all have their advantages.

You can have hot moments in many different places, even on the backseat of a car or in a quiet outdoor spot. You don't always have to go to great lengths. Fiery kisses in the elevator or promising touches in the cinema are more than enough to whet your appetite for more.

Don't be afraid to experiment

You both know what each other likes in bed. You know all the buttons to push with your partner? Even if you are satisfied with your knowledge, a little boost to your sex life can't hurt!

What about the joy of discovering new things, or even surprises and experiments? You don't want to miss out. In sex, routine is death.

Incorporate food into your love life Food is a very sensual experience for many people. So why not use it? Start with a romantic candlelit dinner served with aphrodisiac foods like oysters, chili, or asparagus to get your partner in the right mood.

Enjoy your meal with all your senses, eat with your fingers, and feed each other. It's now allowed to play with your food. When kissing, take strawberries into your mouth and then let them wander into his/hers without hesitation. You can do the same with champagne.

Someone who doesn't mind a little mess in bed can bring some ice, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream into bed. It immediately tastes twice as good from different body parts...

Send each other dirty messages

Imagine a sweet girl who passes a folded note to her crush on the playground. What used to be exciting and make your heart race can still be just as good! Write small, suggestive notes to your loved one and hide them in their briefcase or jacket, where they'll notice them and inevitably think of you.

Talk about your desires

When it comes to sex, many couples struggle to communicate. Tell your partner what you've always wanted from them. We're not talking about Christmas gifts here, but rather your sexual desires. They will be happy to fulfill your wish, especially if you fulfill one of their fantasies in return.

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Too often, couples break up not because they're not compatible in general, but because they don't have the right "tools" to solve their conflicts. As the founder of LoveLane, I want to help couples love much more consciously and value each other more. In recent years, I've built various digital products for businesses, including a self-coaching app. Through my training as an integral coach and personal experiences, interpersonal relationships have become even more central to me. I'm thrilled to be able to bring these two areas of expertise together at LoveLane.