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Tasks for couples - What you can experience with your partner!

Adventure is the spice of life! You and your partner are looking for something new and exciting? You've been feeling stuck in a routine for too long. You want to get off the couch as a couple, but don't know what's fun or interesting for both of you?

These tasks for couples could give your relationship a new lease on life and make your time together something new again! Don't worry, it's not as strenuous as it sounds! Take a look at the following list and discover how much fun you can have as a couple. These tasks for couples are varied and there's something for every taste!



Compete against each other on the game console

The console is a great way to spend time together as a couple. Give each other tasks while playing games on the console. For example, your partner gives you a task every time you lose a life in the game. These tasks can be anything from singing a song to getting up early in the morning or making breakfast tomorrow morning.

Play your favorite songs for each other

If you and your partner like the same music, this idea for couples is perfect for you. Make a list of tasks that can only be done while playing one of your favorite songs! For example, your partner tells you what to draw and you have to draw it as quickly as possible while your favorite song plays in the background.

Learn something new about each other

What is your partner's biggest secret? Now is the time to find out. Choose questions that allow you to learn more about each other. For example, create a list of questions that you've always wanted to ask each other. The questions could be:

  • What superpower would you like to have?
  • How have you changed in the past few years?
  • What do you like about the way we interact with each other?
  • Who was the worst lover you ever had?

You can choose tasks from a list or come up with them yourself, as long as they are personal and genuine.

Send each other tasks via WhatsApp

You have the tasks for your partner directly on your phone! All you have to do is send tasks as WhatsApp messages throughout the week. This way, you both have tasks to look forward to at any time, and your partner can fulfill the tasks immediately. Possible tasks could be:

  • "Answer every WhatsApp message (except mine) with only emojis for two hours. Send me screenshots of the funniest conversations."
  • "Send 'I know it' to your best friend and wait for their response. Send me a screenshot of it."

Draw a picture together as a couple

Drawing tasks can help you get closer as a couple. Choose tasks where you draw together. For example, your partner can give you tasks like "Draw a picture of me sleeping" or "Draw a picture of how we met." If you have children, drawing tasks are especially fun because you can involve them.

    Kitchen experiments

    Experimental tasks for couples are a lot of fun. These tasks are great for couples who love to cook. Your partner can give you tasks like "Make a pasta dish with 7 ingredients" or "Bake muffins without looking at the recipe book."

    Play "Why is this relationship failing" at IKEA

    Take turns choosing a couple who is arguing over towel colors or sofas and guess why the relationship might be failing. This game works especially well on Saturdays in the kitchen department!

    Plant a tree together

    The great thing about the task of planting a tree is that the task itself grows over time. All you have to do is plant a tree. You will feel like you are making progress together as a couple and watching something grow.

    Describe yourselves with three adjectives

    Now is the time for deep conversations! Encourage each other to describe yourselves with three adjectives or you can also create your own lists of adjectives.

    Relive the first date

    Do you remember the first date? You can give your relationship a particularly romantic touch by recreating it! Go to the same restaurant with your partner and do all the things you did on your first date. You both will feel freshly in love again and create even more beautiful memories as a couple!

    Create a memory jar together

    This task will help you create memories as a couple and remind you both of happy moments in the future. For this task, you can choose any container and write down your shared memories on paper over time.

    Go camping together as a couple

    Enrich your relationship with activities that give both of you a sense of adventure and new experiences as a couple. There is nothing better than a camping trip to bring you closer together as a couple. You will have a lot of fun together and can chat or play games while looking at the stars.

    Visit a drive-in movie theater

    If you live in a region where it is possible, visit a drive-in movie theater as a couple. You can lay on the back seat of your car and watch the movie together. It will be an unforgettable moment for you as a couple!

    Have a date night every Friday

    This is one of the best ways to ensure that your bond as a couple becomes stronger over time. Plan a different activity as a couple every Friday. You could go bowling, go to the cinema, or visit an aquarium. The possibilities are endless!

    Pretend you are meeting for the first time

    If you are looking for romantic ideas to surprise your partner, this task is perfect. You and your partner can pretend you are on a first date again! Plan a date that is just for the two of you as a couple.

    Save for a shared dream

    You can tackle this challenge together as a couple. Set money aside for your shared dream and watch it grow! You will be happier when you achieve your goal!

    Write erotic messages to each other

    Send each other messages or have a hot phone conversation while you are in different rooms. This task will bring you closer together and prepare you for a romantic night!

    Celebrate your anniversary or birthday together

    You can make your partner's birthday or anniversary something very special. Write down the things you love about your partner and read them out loud to experience a touching moment. Plan a day to celebrate together as a couple and then have a romantic dinner.

    Have a game night for two

    This idea is perfect for couples who enjoy playing games. Host a game night at home with your partner. Serve some snacks and drinks, make popcorn, and play a few rounds of your favorite board games.

    Discover new places together with Google Street View

    Google Street View is perfect for traveling anytime! When you are at home, you can search for places that sound interesting. Find out where the nearest one is and plan an adventure together as a couple through the satellite images.

    Do puzzles together

    If you are looking for a task for you as a couple, then a puzzle is perfect. Choose a large puzzle with 1,000 pieces and take a day to complete it together as a couple. It will be fun to select the pieces from the pile and work together on a masterpiece.

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