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Your little love moments

Your little love moments

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Add a little love moment to your every day together: a little 3 minute mini-game something new about each other
...laugh about a love meme - or about each other ;-)

Smiles & a lot of fun guaranteed!

What's inside?

50 Sweet Mini-Games:

  • Questions
  • Quizzes
  • Audio Games
  • Challenges

You can personalize this additionally if you like - just use the content we send:

  • Love Memes: Funny declarations of love to smile about together
  • Love Messages: Small lovely messages ("With you there is always something sweet in the house.")
  • Wishes: Mini vouchers for your:n partner:in
  • Beautiful metallic paper for your personal Love Messages & Wishes

Depending on the product option additionally:

  • A lovingly decorated glass
  • A beautiful gift bag

What are the product options?

In the Basic version you will only receive the contents of the jar as a pdf for self-printing.

We offer three options that you can select above (Basic, Printed and All-in).

Additionally in the version All-in:

  • All Games ready cut & hand rolled
  • A lovingly decorated jar
  • A beautiful gift bag
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What is a "Jar of Love"?

💖 It's a glas full of moments of joy and love. Play, laugh, have fun and connect. It's full of surprises!

✨ Draw a game every morning during breakfast or in the evening on the couch.

💏 With the Jar of Love you'll always have a small fun moment to yourselves, no matter how stressful the day was.